Terms and conditions

• These terms and conditions apply to the hiring of conference, banquet and event rooms of the hotel for the celebration of events, as well as all associated services supplied by the hotel. For room reservations, special conditions apply.
• Terms and conditions of the client only apply if previously agreed upon in the written form.


• For events where all or a certain number of participants have meals, we need the exact number of participating persons, at least three days before celebration, for our catering planning. This number is our guaranteed number and will be charged. Each additional meal will be charged separately.
• Beverages will be charged according to consumption, unless other arrangements were taken prior to the event.
• We generally prohibit the client to bring food to our venues. Bringing beverages requires express authorisation by the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to charge fees for beverages brought to the venues.

Meeting rooms and event venues

• Reserved rooms are at the disposal of the client for the period agreed upon in writing. Any use exceeding this period requires agreement by the hotel and additional fees will be charged.
• The hotel reserves the right to change rooms to the extent that this is reasonable for the client and respecting the hotel’s interests.
• To prevent damages to the walls, affixing of decorative material and other objects need to be approved by the hotel beforehand.
• Expositional and other objects brought to the hotel by the client need to be removed after conclusion of the event. If the client omits to do so, the hotel has the right to charge the client for the removal, storage or return of these objects.
• Transport and all other packing materials are to be disposed of by the purchaser. If the client is the purchaser and omits to remove said materials after an event, the hotel can arrange and charge the client for the removal.
• The client assumes liability for loss or damage caused by own personnel or participants of the event.
• The hotel possesses and grants no insurance coverage for objects brought to the hotel by the client.
• If the client requires electrical installations, authorisation needs to be obtained from the hotel for connection of these installations to the power supply. The client will be charged for power consumption according to rates for provision and operation as charged by the supplying company. The hotel reserves the right to charge lump sums.
• If the number of participants considerably exceeds the agreed number, a written authorisation by the hotel is required. Otherwise the client cannot hold the event.
• All necessary permits from authorities need to be solicited and obtained by the client at their expenses.
• Newspaper advertisements containing invitations to job interviews or sales events require additional written consent by the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to rescind any contract if a publication is made without prior consent by the hotel.

Rates / Payment

• Our rates include all taxes, duties and service fees. Please observe the applicable rates! The total amount is due upon receipt and payable within 10 days, net cash.
• If payment is not effected on time, we charge interest on arrears at the rate of 10%. Deductions are not permissible.
• The client is liable to the hotel for the payment of the participants of an event with additional pre-ordered services and expenses provided by the hotel or in cooperation with third parties.
• If the ordering party and the client are not the same entity, both are liable for the obligations of the contract.
• The hotel reserves the right to require reasonable advance payments stipulated in the contract. If advance payments are not effected to the amount or the date stipulated, the hotel has the right to rescind the contract at any time.
• If the period between signing of the contract and the event exceed 120 days, the hotel reserves the right to increase the rates by a maximum of 15%.

Cancellation conditions

• Meetings and events If you cancel booked meeting rooms, we ask you to do so in the written form, at the latest 21 days before the booked date. Upon cancellation after this date, 80% of the expected revenue from food and drink sales shall be charged. Provisioning costs for reserved rooms stipulated in the contract shall be charged without deductions. If booking takes place less than 21 days prior to the event date, the cancellation conditions stated above apply upon conclusion of the contract.
• The hotel has the right to rescind the contract if any event of force majeure prevents the performance of the contract, or the event endangers operation, safety or public reputation of the hotel.
• Hotel (boarding)
Cancellation 3 days before arrival:
10% of agreed amount
Cancellation less than 3 days before arrival:
50% of agreed amount
Cancellation on same day:
full amount
No show:
full amount

Court of jurisdiction: Graz